Tulips of Netherlands : Mother’s day specialūüėć

This week, we planned to visit Lisse in the Netherlands to see their famous tulip garden. We live so close geographically and it will be a shame not to visit them before we move to another continent. With my semester ticket, I planned to go to a border town first named M√∂nchengladbach. From there, we... Continue Reading →

Its Karneval time, baby!

We live close to some European borders, close enough for a day trip. One of them is Maastricht, a border town in the Netherlands. I was planning to visit there since last 2-3 weeks. Every time the plan didn't work either because of weather or something else.¬† So this Sunday I decided we have to... Continue Reading →

Basilica of St. Nicholas, Amsterdam

¬†The Basilica of Saint Nicholas,¬†located in the Old Centre district of Amsterdam, ¬†is the most prominent Catholic church and one of the prominent architecture visible from the central station. Adrianus Bleijs¬†who ¬†designed the church had played the combination of several revival styles like¬†Neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance¬†. The facade is crowned by two towers with a rose... Continue Reading →

Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam: The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace Amsterdam is one of three Palaces used by the Dutch Monarch, notably for State Visits, Award Ceremonies, New Years Receptions and other official functions. The building plays a role in royal weddings¬†and in the¬†abdication and investiture of the Monarch. When the Palace is not in use by the Royal House, the Amsterdam... Continue Reading →

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