Jordaan, Amsterdam..


After posting constantly snow snow and snow, I thought my readers may like some colourful summer days in picture. Anyway, there are lots of post about my summer trip to Germany, Belgium and Netherlands  are still to be written. So, I am serving you this colourful treat of Jordaan, the garden neighbourhood of Amsterdam.




The name of Jordan, did come from the French word Jardin, meaning garden and most of the streets of the area is named after trees and flowers. Jordaan indeed is one of the most beautiful area of amsterdam centrum.


IMG_0038IMG_0041 IMG_0040

advertising Dove? 😛



Many houses in the Jordaan have a stone tablet on their facade, a stone sign displaying the profession or family sign of the inhabitants. For instance a butcher displayed a pig and a tailor a pair of scissors, carved in stone above the entry. The first such stone tablets were made in the 16th century, when citizens were ordered to use these tablets instead of big wooden gables that obstructed the traffic in the narrow streets.





IMG_0086The original inhabitants of this beautiful place were the working class people, the blue caller ones.. but with time this area has been increasingly expensive and the common people had to move to the cheaper neighbourhoods leaving the best place for the rich.

There are many inner courtyards with gardens are seen in the houses. The area ahas a rich tradition in music and every year Jordaanfestival, is held here.




On the way to Jordaan, I saw this place. It has many models and toys of  cow in different size and decorates. It is an unique show I have to say. With their permission, I took two photos.



We walked from the city centre to Anne Frank house which is at the edge of this locality. After the museum visit, we roam around the locality and clicked some of the best photos of Amsterdam trip.


IMG_0090 IMG_0091

DSC07311 IMG_0029



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  1. Thanks for checking back in to my blog after my absence – and the likes! I love Amsterdam. I haven’t been there in many years but hope to return someday. Enjoyed reading about the Cow Museum you highlighted and I found my own visit to the Anne Frank Museum to be ever so moving.

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