Salzburg Residenz Palace…

Once in Salzburg, we bought the Salzburg card mostly for convenience, as all the tourist interests are included in the salzburg card as well as the public transport within the city. The salzburg train station was prepared for the refugees coming, but still no little queue in the tourist info centre. Irony!     Anyway,... Continue Reading →


Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam: The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The Royal Palace Amsterdam is one of three Palaces used by the Dutch Monarch, notably for State Visits, Award Ceremonies, New Years Receptions and other official functions. The building plays a role in royal weddings and in the abdication and investiture of the Monarch. When the Palace is not in use by the Royal House, the Amsterdam... Continue Reading →


New Schloss Schleißheim, Munich,

I think Reader friends have already noticed, my "palace series" is going on. So, here I am taking you to New Schloss Schleißheim, in suburban Munich, an absolute hidden gem in Bavaria.  As you have already seen Lustheim Palace, you know it is a Schloss complex with three palaces and New Schloss is the main palace.... Continue Reading →


Paintings of Palais Versailles

Versailles houses lots of incredible art works, any museum can be jealous of.  Versailles became the home of the French nobility and the location of the royal court, and the kings used every opportunity to spend money in art works , architectures , frescoes and oil paintings.There is  nothing much to say about it, I am sharing few art... Continue Reading →


Versailles: Interior

It was difficult job for me to choose photos for the posts of Versailles Palace. It is so elaborate and rich, so many artefacts and paintings and statues are there, I clicked around 800 photos in the palace and  it is difficult which one should I share and which one I won't ! Anyway, from... Continue Reading →


Hall of Mirror, Palais Versailles

   The Hall of Mirrors  is the central gallery of the Palace of Versailles and perhaps the most  famous & most visited room of the palace.As the most remarkable feature of King Louis XIV of France's third building campaign of the Palace of Versailles, construction of the Hall of Mirrors began in 1678. To provide for the Hall of Mirrors as well... Continue Reading →


Versailles, The Exterior ..

It is a difficult job to write about Versailles, one thing is it is so big and has a huge collection of artefacts. And secondly so crowded that you will hardly be able to see them properly. I fully agree with my  friend Lindy [lindaravello], that many less known château are there, no less beautiful than... Continue Reading →


Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau: My fairytale weekend

I think many of us still love reading fairytales. At least I do 🙂 I still see "tangled " with wide eyes and can spend a day reading the story of peter pan, cinderella, beauty and the beast and so on. I still read the Russian folk tales about the Ivanushka and Princess Vassilissa :D... Continue Reading →


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