Linz am Rhein , Germany

It is spring again, and I try to take Ellie for an outing per week.It is mostly in the weekends as otherwise I am busy with my PhD and she is busy in her Kindergarten 😊. Sometimes we go far,like Belgium or Holland, sometimes close by to some cute little hidden gems of Germany. Last... Continue Reading →

Frankfurt Senckenberg, Germany.

Senckenberg We went to Frankfurt for a day for some official work last week, so it was planned we will only see this museum. Located in Frankfurt am main, the Natural history museum of Frankfurt or Naturmuseum Senckenberg has largest collection of large dinosaurs in Europe. It sits very close to the Frankfurt main Hauptbahnhof... Continue Reading →

Ludwigsburg BlĂŒhendes Barock, Germany..

"The Blooming Baroque Ludwigsburg is the oldest and most beautiful permanent garden show. With its extensive parks and colorful flowers, the Blooming Baroque draws more than 500,000 visitors, large and small, from all over the world every year". -Truly said in the website for visitors, Ludswigsburg is one of the most beautiful baroque place I... Continue Reading →

FĂŒssen, Bavaria..

FĂŒssen is a small beautiful town in Bavaria, in the district of OstallgĂ€u, 5 kilometres  away from the Austrian border.  FĂŒssen is famous for two things. The town is known for its violinmaking industry which I did not know when I visited. Second for being the closest transportation hub for the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, my fairytale weekend trip from munich, and that... Continue Reading →

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