Its Karneval time, baby!

We live close to some European borders, close enough for a day trip. One of them is Maastricht, a border town in the Netherlands. I was planning to visit there since last 2-3 weeks. Every time the plan didn’t work either because of weather or something else.  So this Sunday I decided we have to go whatever it is! And oh so good decision it was. The weather was beautiful,  sunny. We travel free till Aachen, it is my semester ticket which gives us free transport across the state.  Then there is a fast-train run by arriva, a Dutch company.  It costs 19€ for a day ticket cross border and 2 people can travel in it. Less than 2 years kinds like Ellie travels for free.
  I packed lunch from köln already. And we met some people in the train. They told us it is the best carnival in Maastricht, even better than köln as it is more colorful and passionate.  I did not see carnival at köln but I am very happy with this one. The people are warm, and seem really happy after so many restrictions.  I tried to catch individual expressions and effort to make the festival colorful and joyous. It was connecting and we enjoyed immensely.  Even little ellie did.  We crossed the bridge of Saint Servatius, the first bishop of Maastricht, and despite being largely rebuilt after World War II, it has been called the oldest bridge in the Netherlands  Then we also walked over the city and saw the town hall, St John’s church with distinct red tower,  the crypt and Basilica of  St. Servatius and the largest town square Vrijthof. The city has typical medieval streets with narrow cobbles. Everything is more colorful by the colors of people ,attire and pure joy. The town also have distinct monuments, some of them we encountered and took picture. We didn’t visit the museums as it is special day for Karneval 拾嵐☠️

Vrijthof, the most prominent square of the inner stadt
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Sneiltrain , Arriva

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  1. So nice to see some smiles!! Glad to see people are more relaxed, and without masks, after so many restrictions and lockdowns.
    Restrictions come to an ease in Canada too, but I was surprised to see other parts of this continent is so much more relaxed from this perspective.
    Great share😊

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