Tulips of Netherlands : Mother’s day special😍

This week, we planned to visit Lisse in the Netherlands to see their famous tulip garden. We live so close geographically and it will be a shame not to visit them before we move to another continent. With my semester ticket, I planned to go to a border town first named Mönchengladbach. From there, we... Continue Reading →

Brugge, Belgium

We did a day trip from Bonn to Brugge, me and Ellie. This is no small journey specially for her. We started at 7.30 from Bonn and took RE5 to Köln. And from Köln we took RE9 till Aachen.From there we had and ICE3 , international intercity express from Deutsche Bahn which was very good... Continue Reading →

Copenhagen .. Quick tips for a short trip

There are  good hotels and hostels near Central train station. If you are backpacking and travelling by bus like Flix bus, those bus also stop close to the Central station. This area also has many cheap food joints. Two major tourist attraction Tivoli and Tycho Brahe planetarium are very close the central station. We stayed... Continue Reading →

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