Monaco is one beautiful little country  you should not miss if you are visiting Italian or French riviera. And I have already told in my previous post, it is extremely easy to travel to Monaco if you are staying at NICE. Just take 100 no bus from Port de Nice , takes only 40 minutes to reach Monaco. By travelling from NICE , you would experience the beautiful mediterranean coast and the small towns around it and would avoid the expensive stay in Monaco. While travelling towards Monaco from NICE , do not forget to take the right sided seats in the bus( in the direction of bus) , then you can enjoy the view best 🙂



The bus will leave you near the tourist office and the Casino is 5 minutes walk from there. Before going to Casino Monte Carlo, you can experience the smaller casino of Cafe De Paris or grab some bites in the adjacent cafe. Surprisingly enough, Monaco has no natural resources. Housing the most millionaires than anywhere else in the world, the country’s economy depends on tourism and banking. Obviously, millionaires must be staying in those super expensive hotels  😦


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Below you can see the famous Hotel de Paris, featured in many movies including the famous American comedy : Monte Carlo and French romantic drama : Heartbreaker.


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As also mentioned in some tourist information leaflets, you can walk past whole Monaco in 45 minutes. So, once you are done with the main Casino, waste no time to go to the sea. Later you can walk to the beach and the shopping street.

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Monaco has many high-rises and a very expensive shopping street with all Gucci, Chanel , Prada  and all expensive brands you can think of !!


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In Monaco, you can really experience some “carshow”. Not only outside the Casino, but also in every street, you will see them everywhere. I saw two “batman’s car” within half an hour. Can you believe it? Not even one!! One is below, white and black and another I did not take photo ,looked exactly same as “Mr wayne’s car”, all black 😀

DSC03702 DSC03705


The formula one racing industry is a pride of Monaco. Each year Monaco grand prix is held in  Circuit de Monaco, widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world along with the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The circuit has been called “an exceptional location of glamour and prestige.” As a result, the school of sports medicine in Monaco has grown well known.

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Last but not the least, Port of Monaco is another place you may not want to miss. Monaco has yacht clubs, many luxury cruise  trips and if you visit in May, you can actually see the part of Formula one race from the cruise, as I have heard.

Port of Monaco
Port of Monaco

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