Linz am Rhein , Germany

It is spring again, and I try to take Ellie for an outing per week.It is mostly in the weekends as otherwise I am busy with my PhD and she is busy in her Kindergarten 😊. Sometimes we go far,like Belgium or Holland, sometimes close by to some cute little hidden gems of Germany. Last week we went to Monschau in the Easter holiday, and this week Saturday we were up for Linz. This place is close to us by train, in the border of German state of NRW with Rhineland Palatinate. I did not know about it until one of my friend posted the pretty pictures in her Instagram. So, we woke up, had a nice breakfast and went to the Beuel Bahnhof from where we could catch either RE8 or RB27 towards Koblenz. So this is the route between Köln and Koblenz, two bigger cities in North west Germany. For me, I have a semester ticket which give me free access to public transport of the whole state and some border towns of neighbouring states and in Germany, babies travel free till 6 years of age.This train journey is very nice and sceni, along the Rhine river. Once we reached, we walked through the old town, enjoyed a ‘lecker’ lunch with Farmer’s steak and French fries and Ellie played with the dragon and the fountain. While coming back, the elevator did not work to go to the Platform 2, I could not take the stairs with the kinderwagen. So, we took a bus back to NRW and then tram to go back home. It was fun and I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Will soon be back with Monschau story … So long!

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