Please do not post every 5minutes…  Please .. Content is your key, not the number of posts..

I do not know if anyone enjoy that, but many do not enjoy reading your posts every five minutes… I had to unfollow several blogs for that. It is okay if you post few times a day but do not post 10-20 posts a day. It is annoying  and  Wordpress is not Facebook.  I know some of you may think it attracts your readers and increase your followers, and bring visitors’ flood… but only one thing brings your readers, some good content. Without content it is nothing. If you read a lot and write a post after working for it sufficiently, you will have readers. Believe me, its true. May be it will take some time, but you will get readers. But if you are posting more than 3-5 posts per day, it is understandable that you cannot do justice to each of them. Because, you are not sufficiently working on each post and often the content is poor and incomplete. Even for a photo blog, you need to work for producing a good image and it takes time. So, if you really want to earn attention of many readers, work on quality, not quantity. I try to read posts of my followers and whom I am following, and when someone posts every 5 minutes , I am forced to unfollow them . Wish you all the best. I welcome your comments in this regard.

Lots  of love and hugs. ❤

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