Scary story of my doctoral life..

I thought a lot whether I should write this or not. This is my travel blog, not my professional social media. People here are from different industry and field than mine. But then I decided maybe that's a positive point. Also my readers personally don't know me, neither they know the characters of my story.... Continue Reading →

Christmas market, Bonn, Germany!

Starting from münsterplatz and continuing till fridensplatz, Bonn Christmas market is big, varied and one of the best Christmas markets I have seen. There're lots of items for all, babies to elders and lots of lights, colors and foods. One day I visited just with ellie and other day with friends. Still I would like... Continue Reading →

Dragon’s loyalty, Liebster, Sunshine Blogger, Versatile blogger, The lovely blog & Epic awesomeness Awards

I am extremely thankful to my co-bloggers, who consider me eligible for so many awards. I am sorry guys, I am responding so late, but I hope I can make it upto you. I love you guys and I love your blogs . Thank you for being an important part of my life , yes you are... Continue Reading →

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