I have been to Europe in every season, but this time I experienced a nice transition from late fall to early winter. It started when I first saw the land below from my flight, and continued.  My stay in Lausanne was arranged by the grant I received from ESMO. It is very close to the EPFL, the swiss technical university and little away from the hustles of the city. If I open my  large glass window, I see the metros, it is a garage or depot of the metro/ tube trains. In the morning, the bright fall colours are seen in the background of the trains.



Once the meeting is over, I go for walk along the shore of Lac Léman and rich colors of fallen leaves greet me. I walked around the Ouchy, the colors everywhere are made prominent by the blue of the lake.




Soon, it started raining and I rush back to the metro. I join my friend Michelle for dinner and come back to have a good night sleep and dream about more autumn colors.. On the same night, first snow falls in Lausanne for this year.. and rest of the time of my stay,  I  got more clouds and snow than sun..


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