Lustheim Palace, Oberschleißheim




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I arrived in Munich just before Oktoberfest, so it was very difficult to get an accommodation. Thankfully, one friend was going back home for one month and he gave us his apartment for a decent rent. It was not in city centre, but in the beautiful suburb of Oberschleißheim. It houses the Schloss Schleißheim which is a palace complex containing three palaces.


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I searched with google map, and it showed I have to take line 292 towards Garching and get down at Lustheim. I stepped out of the bus, noone was there in the bus stop. I walked through the only small lane ahead and reached to the kitchen of a confectioner to ask direction 😛 They sent me to the reception of a beautiful hotel where a kind lady showed me the way to the garden.



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Actually, the main entrance was a different stop. So, I reached the Lustheim palace first instead of the main New schleissheim palace. But I have no regret as you can see here,it is one of the most beautiful palace I have ever been to.


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The Lustheim Palace has more than 2000 objects displayed in 15 rooms. The story of Lusteim collection started with Ernst Schneider in a remote village of Bavaria.  Born to a farmer, young Schneider was a dreamer. He went to collage to study social science and economics and earned his PhD. Since long back, young Schneider has a hobby of collecting beautiful Porcelain vases.  With time, he  became the leading assistant of Köhlensaure Industrie with his hard work and passion, ultimately to become the chairman of the concern. After 2nd world war, he moved to Dusseldorf and became the president of chamber of commerce there. He also held the president position of German industry’s chamber of commerce. His childhood passion of collecting meissen porcelain increased with time and money. But life was not fair, his son died of a horrible accident. Heartbroken, Schneider  withdrew himself from all business affairs. He made a donation of his porcelain collections since 1920 to the Free state of Bavaria which forms the major portion of the exhibit in Lustheim palace.

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Schneider’s condition of this huge donation was that these collections should stay in Lustheim Palace, where he spent the last seven years of his life. The collection of Ernst Schneider foundation comprises rare porcelain from early period of Meissen manufacture, from the first experiments by Böttger from 1710, collections from the time of ‘Seven year’s war'(1756-63) and from famous Swan service” of  count Brühl containing precious animal figures and elaborate centre pieces.


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The palace also has many beautiful Frescoes, and murals in simple plaster of paris. Frescoes were done by Johann Anton Gumpp, Francesco Rosa and Johann Andreas Trubillio. Due to space issues, I am mainly focussing on the porcelain collection here.


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The best thing about the palace for me was, there was no huge line or crowd. I could see the artefacts peacefully and without disturbance. The ticket is 3€ I think, for individual palace, but you can buy combine ticket for the three palace complex and garden for just 8€ instead of the sky high prices in Versailles. If you are visiting Munich, do a day trip taking S1 to Oberschleissheim and then bus 292 towards Garching. I think you won’t be disappointed 😀



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