Winter in Lapland…


My dear friends , first of all I wish you a very happy, bright, successful and peaceful new year, wherever in world you are. I know may be I am little late to say that, but I believe,there is no specific time for spreading love 😀

I am spending this new year in Swedish Lappland, one of my favourite part of the world. I have been here in summer, but lappish winter is my first, and I am enjoying it.




The winter is hard in Norrbotten county, specially in Kiruna. Almost always it is snowing, and you cannot go anywhere. Most of the time you have to stay home and watch TV. Working hour is reduced to 6 hours. .


DSC01931 copy

One morning, I saw through my balcony, three elks are going through the snow covered field. To have a good look, I bring my camera and zoomed in and clicked the photo… O gosh… they were ponies 😦





Temperature is always fluctuating but it is around -20 degree centigrade . Even when the temperature is around -7 to -10, the feel is like -20 to -25. Everything is covered by snow, cars, window beds and balcony. So, people enjoy going to  food market, as good home made food can really improve your mood in an all- dark-and -snowing-you -cannot-go-out  day..







I bought a bus card, which is always cheaper way to travel within a county or part or the whole Sweden. They have different tariff for how far you want to travel. I bought the kiruna Kommun card, which allows me to freely roam around the city ( as if it is full of sunlight and warm & I am going out regularly … ..huhh!!)  Anyway, it works for me, as one way travel  IS 24 krona, while the 6 months card is for 100 krona.






So, one day I went to explore the town and took both yellow and red line till their last stop and came back. First I reached Tuolluvaara by the red bus and snapped these outdoor pictures..



The duration of a day is often zero with 24 hours of night.  After I have come, only today I got a 56 minutes day. Mostly, the sun does not appear as we see in tropics, it is seen in the sky as an orange spread.. and light remains from 2 to 3 hours a day.








IMG_0390 IMG_0393

I was expecting to see some elks or reindeer, but only saw the marks in the snow.It was freezing (-11 but real feel -22) and I had to wait another 30 minutes for the next bus, which took me towards the city. But halfway there was a shop with discounts in winter garments, and I hopped off.. you know if there is 70% discount, we ladies see no other thing in the world except that shop….




Rocket school

The shop was beside the rocket school, but they do not take visitors. So here is a glimpse from outside..


pollution 😦


In the shop I met a young lady from Africa, who took asylum in Sweden. According to her, Muslims were torturing her, she being a christian. So she fled leaving behind two young children to her mother. She said, she is having a peaceful life here, works on two jobs, has a swedish boyfriend who loves her. She showed me their photos, understandably she was very happy to get someone to talk to, in the cold winter when almost no customers coming to the shop.




In christmas, the best gift I had, to be able to see the northern lights. But since then, the sky is covered with cloud and it is snowing, so did not have the chance to see it again. But I am grateful for what I have seen.

Lastly I want to tell you about my closest neighbours. There is a cute red house just across the street.I can see their living room is from my bed room. In the whole area as far as I can see from my windows or balconies, they are the only sign of living human beings.No, I did not know them or never talked to them, I can see from my window  that they are watching TV, most of the time of a day and know they are there. And, believe me, in new year eve for  two days, no body was home, the TV was off, and only a dim light was on, I felt so lonely.  Now they are back as TV started going on,,,, yeeehhhh




Anyway, I am enjoying my lappish winter before I go back home. Hope you will like my photos and soon I will be coming with new lapp adventure posts….

I clicked the photo of Santa from backside 😦
Kiruna streets


Lights over the rail track from LKAB mine


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    1. By the way, I am heading to stockholm with my boy friend in two weeks, I hate to ask you this, but not know many people there. Do you have any idea about cheaper accommodations , like if somebody is hosting two people ,like airbnb or homestay for two nights?


    1. Thank you Denise for your blessings and wishes. I wish you a very happy and bright new year too. Actually, there was a little Christmas market in Kiruna and a hut for Santa in there. But when I reached, the shops were closed and probably he got bored, so he was sitting at a distance where people were actually there. Santa waved at me, I nodded to him, but it appeared little children are no longer interested in him and passing by to the shopping malls ignoring him. I thought he may feel bad about it, so I didn’t approach directly for taking photos, rather I took it from back.

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  1. I love reading about your stay in Lapland and the photos are so beautiful and atmospheric. I have never been that far north but plan on one day. The days are short aren’t they! Also so cold but a crystal clear fresh cold!

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  2. Beautiful post and photos 🙂 So, this is a place where you can sleep a lot. Just kidding. :)) One day = 1 hour 13 minutes… Wow! I hope you’ve had a beautiful start of the year and wish you an entire beautiful 2016! ❤

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  3. Great pictures! I’m guessing the houses are brightly colored so you can find them. I work outside and deal with a little more than 2 meters of snow a year. So I can feel for you out in the cold. But I’m looking for a home in Arizona where it doesn’t get nearly as cold.

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    1. While studying swedish, I came to know most of the swedish house are of red colours, I do not know the reason. But may be the reason you mentioned is the one. Also to bring some liveliness in the monotonous white everywhere… I never been to US, I absolutely want to explore North America. But last two years I have travelled extensively and my finance is not good right now. I will work some time to get enough fund to travel US. I specially want to go to Utah, the big apple and California and Arizona of course as one of my friend Judy describe it to be very nice.

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      1. I’ve been through the fifty states, parts of Canada and a couple Mexican villages. Cancun is more like an American beach town than Mexico. The area of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada has so much to offer. I have been to Las Vegas a dozen times mostly to travel to see the area. Within six hours of Las Vegas are some of greatest sites in the US.

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