Praying for the “City of Love” and “City of orchard of mulberry trees “”

I am afraid to live these days of unrest, where people are far from human beings! 
I am afraid to live these days of unrest, where people are far from human beings!

A quiet morning in my place. I wake up late and grab my brunch and turned on the TV. My mom says, my sister’s friends from Paris have called and told her there took place several blasts. I stop eating and change to BBC  and then other channels:

“Paris attacks, Bataclan and other assaults leave many dead”                                                      “People were shot dead at restaurants and bars at five other sites in Paris”                               “Scores were killed in the coordinated attacks late Friday, leaving a nation in mourning and the world in shock” “At least 180 people were injured.”

I stop eating… I watch the TV blankly.. I message my friend Linda, who lives in Paris.. Thank god, she is fine.  I think and think.. I mourn for who died,,though I never have seen or known them. I think of the streets of Paris I once walked at night. I see the city of Love fading in the smoke of hate.. I think of the people who got killed had nothing to do with the war..they were just common people..returning home from work, enjoying friday evening, listening a rock concert with wife in early weekend , cheering their  team in a soccer match! I think tomorrow may be I will die in a restaurant… I feel numb …I think about the irony, I just posted the date with Eiffel…and so many readers told me they wanted one too!

Then I am again hammered!  I searched the internet, and see another news.

“Lebanon is holding a day of national mourning after at least 41 people were killed in two suicide bombings in the capital, Beirut.”                                                                                                 “The blasts on Thursday evening struck in a busy shopping street. More than 200 people were wounded – many of them seriously”

I am shocked… I feel like crying.. Internet shows blood in the street, people in stretcher, pieces of clothes once part of a man or woman.. I wonder if the attackers have forgotten they have parents , sisters , brothers. I do not know anymore what we can do. I feel like I am losing hope.. so I write .. may be that is the only way I have.. to make the world a place worth living for our children ..

Praying for people of Paris, and Beirut and Baghdad, and wherever the blood of innocent is being shed !!

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37 thoughts on “Praying for the “City of Love” and “City of orchard of mulberry trees “”

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  1. This is a very sick and dreadful world. My heart hurts for the great people of Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad. I am very glad your friend in Paris is fine, as well as leggypeggy’s daughter! Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

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    1. Thank you for reading it.. I always have faith that the common people, folks like us all over the world are same, they never support violence because wherever it happens, we are the Guinea pig.. The common people die everywhere… Not the Kings and Queens

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  2. It is time for the entire world to shed the blood of those without conscience. If we don’t take swift and deadly force against these terrorists, we may as well be waiving a white flag!!!!!!!

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  3. Truly shocking! Seems like going about one’s life should be a safe activity. I guess they are called terrorists because they engender a feeling of terror in just living day to day.

    Virtual hugs,


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  4. Thank you for this, I have only just read it, as, as you can imagine, I have not had the mind to read past posts until now.
    I am just getting through one day as a time now and have never been more conscious of ‘There fore the grace of God go I’
    I am just happy to get home each evening.
    I, like those others, stopped for a drink after a hard weeks work on Friday, but I was lucky to finish work in the south west and not the north east of the city, sadly those beautiful young people with their whole lives ahead of them were not.
    Lovely photo, God bless you my sister.

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  5. Oh my heart hurts when so many undeserving of the violence are attacked, for what?, to get a point across?, or is it even a point?, is it just because the heart of the perpetrator is evil and cares not for their life or lives and just run rampant over others no matter what! My prayer for you is thanks that you and yours are spared physically, yet the scars to your heart, emotions are raw, especially when we continue to see evil acts continue. Thank you for your heartfelt post. Be blessed and encouraged. Continue to enjoy life!

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  6. …and humans are humans…tens of centuries of written human history give us clues…religions have been shelters from those depressing realities…ideas do not change facts. Me? I take a walk in the landscape, breath fresh air, and go back to work. 🙂 It ain’t always easy.

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