Hotel Review : Hotel DE Verdun, Nice, France

I really did not know about this hotel on the first two days in Nice. Nice is a beautiful coastal city in southern France , but the importance of Nice is not only due to its own beauty. But, it is the hub for all other coastal towns travellers wanna go, like Cannes, Monte carlo, Sanremo, Ventimiglia, Antibes and so on. So Nice holds a bunch of backpackers hostels , hotels and holiday inns. We started from toulouse in a Thursday evening so we booked a hostel for Thursday and Friday night. We reached to that hostel and what weird things happened that is another story coming soon.

So on the 2nd day I decided to change the hostel but did not know which one will be good for us, and then I stumbled upon the tariff of Hotel De Verdun. It is just in the neighbourhood of our previous hostel and out of curiosity I looked in the tariff displayed at the gate. It was less than which we were paying in the hostel which charges per head. So I went upstairs and there was a very nice guy in the reception who was kind enough to so us the room even before we booked it. It seemed awesome to me compared to the horrible shared bathroom in the previous hostel.

DSC_3287 DSC_3286 DSC_3285

It was a nice and cozy room, Room no 11 , furnished with a nice bed , flat screen TV, cupboard, dressing table and a big almirah. The attached bath is small , but equipped with bathtub and hair drier. It is just beside the main street so little bit noise may come , mostly form the residents of the hostel nearby. But i happily ignored it. We paid the full amount and said we will come at 10 in the morning next day.Next day when we entered the hotel, the room was clean. A nice old man told me, we can have breakfast till 11 which is included in the tariff( it was not in the hostel.). He gave us the key and password for free wifi. We had breakfast and went for a day trip to some coast town of Italy.


DSC_3448 DSC_3298




DSC_3290 \



As we came back, they greeted us well and asked for if there was any problem. They gave us the blankets and water. I went for a nice long bath. I looked around from the window after some time to see a quiet street, with few lights here and there and some traveller walking with backpacks .. I slept awesome for the first time in Nice that night.


DSC_3445 DSC_3444 DSC_3303

Now the practical points. The address of the hostel is 49, Rue Hotel des Postes, Nice, Tel +33 04 93622410. It is near  the bus stop “hostel de poste” and train station’Gare de Nice”  is 10 minutes walking. Old town, beach, fruit and flowers market, opera,shopping street -everything is near. They have a decent tarrif including an awesome breakfast, free wifi, free linen and towels ,hair-drier, TV, magazines. If you are travelling with family or as couple,this is the ideal place. Staffs are extremely well behaved and friendly. Value for  money , staffs , location  and cleanliness , all I would give five star. And next time in Nice, I am definitely gonna stay here.


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  2. I am wondering when you will write the Nice hostel story–we have been in some ourselves when we had to tie all our stuff on the bedpost by our heads–others like all night raves–what happened before you found the Verdun? Will you tell that story?


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