Ten most romantic European getaways…

Hi gals … this is time to link this post to your beloved ones, so that you can go away from the hustle and bustles of every day and spend a romantic vacation with your husband/boyfriend. The request for this post came from my friend Lynda, I would like to thank her for that. Also, I would like to mention, this list is entirely according to my experience and opinion. There may be other more expensive and  more beautiful places according to other people, and you are free to go through all the lists  available or even make yourself one!!

So here it is…

  1. Paris ..


Love locks: prayer for never-ending love from couples around the world

Of course!! I have told you many times, Paris is like old wine,never fails to give me a good kick. First time, we did not like Paris much. And even now, as a travel destination, it does not top my list in Europe, but as a romantic getaway? Paris is definitely the first one.. it grows into you…and does not stop until it takes a place on your heart. It is the most romantic destination in Europe for couples from all places and all ages..Don’t miss the river cruise at night and evening at Champ de mars. And the best thing? Walk along the seine at a moonlit night from Louvre to Notre Dame…


DSC06950 DSC05458




Port de Barcelona

Last year we spent the valentines day in Barcelona, and at 12 o’clock midnight we were just here at the port of Barcelona. And it was my best valentines night. Overall, Barcelona is so young, vibrant and colourful city that you will feel like celebrating here at any time of the year. And if you are celebrating Love, you are at a perfect place. Indulge in the savoury cuisine, get a tan in the beach,  have an awesome shopping experience or enjoy the night life.. it is a perfect destination for lovers.Also, you can go for  day trips to Andorra- a, beautiful little country or monte serrat for beautiful view of Catalunya.


IMG_2889 IMG_2888

Valentine roses



Amsterdam can be quite a romantic city if you know to explore the right places. Take two bikes or have a boat and roam around this beautiful city. Almost all the city can be explored by boat as Amsterdam is the city of canals. Summer is beautiful here, don’t forget to visit the only wind-mill-turned-into-a-brewery,of the city. If you ask me, walking can be the best romantic activity here, specially go towards the botanical garden. This side is less crowded and mostly residential. But there are several parks and perfect for a romantic afternoon walk.

IMG_0067 IMG_0022


4. Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau


DSC01245If you are looking for a fairytale weekend with your husband, ohh this is the right place!! Well connected by train and bus from Munich, it is one of the most travelled destination is Europe. Most people go there for day trip, but stay here, at least for a night. It can be very quiet and serene and perfect place to get lost into each other. There are many hotels in the nearest town Füssen, but if you want to stay near the castle, that is also possible. Though less in number, but luxurious villa hotels are available  within few hundred meters. Of course the price will be higher. If you are on budget, B& B s can be found in Füssen. Enjoy the valley, the mountain and the most romantic castle of Europe.





5 Lucerne.


We loved this beautiful town. Located in the shore of Lake Lucerne , the city is picture perfect with cobblestone streets, covered bridges ,frescoed churches, magestically gliding swans . The snowcapped Mount Pilatus & Rigi forms the southgate of the city. There are many hotels around the lake. The wooden bridge, lion monument and most of the city’s famous tourists spots are all in walking distance from the shore. If you want to taste the romantic swiss vacation in a budget, this is the place 🙂



IMG_2090 IMG_2222



6. San Remo, Italy



I know you would say, why not Venice or Rome !! I also agree they may be more beautiful. But to me, serenity is also important to enjoy each others company. San remo is beautiful Italian riviera town, with a beautiful beach and authentic Italian cuisine.  You can enjoy the sea view by simply sitting there or take part variety of sports such as cycling, skating and jogging. Sanremo is the Finnish line for Milan -Sanremo cycle race. It is possible to rent bikes and roam around. If you are planning a romantic vacation in Summer, it is an ideal place to go. You will get to explore the whole shore if you want to, starting from San remo, to Monaco, to Ezze village, NICE, Antibes and Cannes. There are amazing cruise services which can be an added attraction:)




7. Salzburg..



Salzburg is perhaps the most romantic town in Austria, though Vienna and Graz are no less beautiful. Don’t miss the hoensalzburg castle, step to the ‘Reckturm’ watchtower, for great 360° panorama view. The beautiful Austrian alps creates an amazing background around the castle and if weather is good, it is photographers’ paradise. You can create some incredible photo memories with you beloved and Alps in the background. If you stay here, take bus 25 to the zoo side.It is at the end of the city with no construction or concrete. Only acres of cornfields and beautiful blue Alps ..We actually saw one young couple to have a walk in the corn fields, towards the sunset. Here, as if the world has stopped in an ancient time. Only sound comes from the zoo animals. A longing to stay at that quite serene place, miles away from madding crowd with golden sunset behind the blue Alps can be most romantic.IMG_2476




8. Wurzburg 


Wurzburg may not come  even in the first fifty hot destinations in Europe, but it will always be close to my heart:)  The post christmas aura , the vineyards , the museums, the bridge and the castle over the hill, the pub over the bridge ..it is like a fairytale. Of all places, the bridge : Alte mainbruke over river Maine is my favourite. In the evening, couples gather in the bridge drinking beers or chatting keeping their wine glasses on the wall of the bridge. Old couples walk over. The bar in the right side of the bridge is always full in the evening.  It can be the best drinks you would have with your husband 🙂


DSC02133 DSC_1181






IMG_1428 copy

We love old towns. Vieux Nice is no exception. Old bars, narrow stoney streets, warm receptions from the old coffee shop owners  , traditional foods like no where in the town … can in fact be very romantic. Whatever you think is not found in our shopping malls, all are there in the old town. Somehow old towns take me back in memories. They are like time machines. It is like magic, which can bring the old spark in your love life.. Moreover, you can have a very romantic weekend in the Cote D’Azur , the best beach of French riviera. Many luxurious hotels are around. If you want a budget hotel, you have to stay towards the  modern city. I would recommend Hotel De Verdun.DSC_3156



10. Abisko


Abisko is not considered by many as a romantic destination, but in summer it can be so beautiful !!  ‘Europe’s Last Wilderness’ can be little expensive,but once you are staying in the turistation, the cozy rooms, blue water of the abiskojaure lake, road carpeted by  blue violet floret of Cicerbita alpine , good food and great sauna, most preferred hiking trail of Europe… all worth it.  If you are into hiking and trekking, what best romantic destination can be for you than Abisko.  The best gift in your romantic vacation will be experiencing northern lights together 🙂






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  1. A great post and I loved reading about all the places – some of which I’ve been to and others I long to visit. Barcelona is one of the must go to places! But Abisko, where is that? Scandinavia? Amazing photos too, a feast for the eyes.

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