Frankfurt Senckenberg, Germany.


We went to Frankfurt for a day for some official work last week, so it was planned we will only see this museum. Located in Frankfurt am main, the Natural history museum of Frankfurt or Naturmuseum Senckenberg has largest collection of large dinosaurs in Europe. It sits very close to the Frankfurt main Hauptbahnhof and walkable. Since we had the baby with us, we preferred to take a taxi. You can download the app call ‘FREENOW’ and taxis are available through the big cities of Germany. From the central station to the museum it costs around 7 euro. The museum opens 9-5pm everyday except Monday. It has a baby feeding & changing room and Bistro, but no parking. The museum theme is biodiversity. We particularly liked the dinosaur and the bird section.

Original Triceratops skulls

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  1. I’v never been to Frankfurt and after visiting Munich last year can’t wait to go back to Germany to see more of it. Hopefully we can start traveling again next year. Until then, we have to stay in Ireland, because Dublin is back in lockdown and there’s no way out. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

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  2. The birds are amazing. What was that silvery one with a kind of horn? Have only been to F a M 50 years ago and I went to the Goethe House Museum
    and remember the Rathaus. Thanks for following. See you soon!

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    1. Thank you, I don’t remember the name, sorry. There are so many to see! ☺️ This year due to corona, the travel got really limited. We could not go anywhere else, just this museum, as now we also hv my 5 months old traveling with me 🤗😍

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