Tulips of Netherlands : Mother’s day special😍

This week, we planned to visit Lisse in the Netherlands to see their famous tulip garden. We live so close geographically and it will be a shame not to visit them before we move to another continent. With my semester ticket, I planned to go to a border town first named Mönchengladbach. From there, we took an International ICE from DB directly to Amsterdam Central station. It was amazing to see the ICE train was completely full, we hardly got a place to sit. But thanks to meinedeutschelandliebe, we got a sit after an hour in the special family room designed for parents traveling with small children. Another mom with 3 children was also travelling with a boy close to Ellie’s age. They started playing together and had a great time. We reached on time and took a tram to Leidesplan.

I bought a combined ticket to Keukenhof garden and public transport to it online before the visit. You need to choose a time slot for the visit and it is important to be on the bus stops on time. First bus took us to Schiphol Airport from Amsterdam city center. Then there is direct bus from there, no 858 to carry us to the garden entrance. It took about 1 hour 10 min to reach from Amsterdam. There are washrooms for free(usually you pay for them in Europe) and a luggage room at the entrance. Wheelchair can be borrowed for 5€. We had just backpack, so we could enter right away. By the way, babies less than 4 years do not need to pay for their entrance. Now without further adieu, I will post pictures of some beautiful tulips. We took the same transport while coming back, but the train was 90 min late, so we reached home around 12.30 am at night with Ellie sleeping deeply in her kinderwalen. It was tiring but a super funday. Last but not the least, this trip was my gift to Ellie in Moms’ weekend and I received this amazing finger painting from her on Mothers’ day. Cheers to all supermoms around the world. Much love and hugs 🤗🤗💞

My first mothers’ day gift from my 2 years old 😍💞

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  1. Wow, such beautiful and colourful spring flowers! No wonder they are one of the most popular and admired spring-flowering bulbous plants. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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