A gloomy day in la petite France.. Strasbourg..


The Rue des Dentelles, one of the quarter’s narrow streets



Me and my mom visited La petite France in Strasbourg in a rainy day, it is now a cute little corner in the old town and one of Strasbourg’s main tourist attractions. It is  the  historic quarter of the city  located at the western end of the Grande Île. At Petite France, the River Ill splits up into a number of channels that cascade through an area that was, in the Middle Ages, home to the city’s tanners, millers and fishermen. Petite France forms part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Grande Île . The half-timbered building are quarter’s unique. Ironically, the name Petite-France (“Little France”) did not have a charming history, it  comes from the “hospice of the syphilitic” (Hospice des Vérolés, in French), which was built in the late fifteenth century on this island, to cure persons with syphilis.

It was not an ideal day for photography, but we had only a day or two in Strasbourg. I forgot to share this little post, so here it is at last 🙂



Pont du Faisan, one of the quarter’s bridges










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