Esplanadeparken, Helsinki





  Once we docked in Helsinki in a Summer evening from Tallinn, we decided to walk through the city to our hotel. We stayed in Raddison blu royal hotel and it was almost 2.5 km from  Helsinki port. However, we wanted to save money on transport as well as see the city around. While walking through the city,  we crossed  the Esplanadeparken.

The park and the Espa Stage host many popular events, including the Marimekko Fashion Show in June and the Jazz-Espa concert series throughout July.  It is also one of the outdoor tourist attractions as well as wonderful place to relax for both Helsinkians and travellers alike. We loved the park in general and also were lucky to experience the Jazz concert in July. Along with music and cool breeze, there are several temporary food stalls if you get hungry in between. I had an wonderful crepe with lots of chocolates and berries.






















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      1. No-ni, I love answering these questions, my blog is in a large part of it about those differences. People always ask these questions, and I am happy to answer. When I travel, my ultimate preference is to stay with local people, because they can EXPLAIN to me what I just SEE.

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      2. I will try to keep my comment short :). You might have noticed how the Finns are quiet and reserved. They normally won’t approach you in public places. My Finnish friend was almost terrified when she visited Chicago with “everybody talking to me!” You need to understand, what is polite and what is not in different countries. For example, if in the US you stop for a brief visit at somebody’s house are a host as you “would you like a glass of water/cup of coffees” the polite response id “thank you, I am good” or another equivalent. In Russia, it’s a big insult to the host. And a list goes on 🙂

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      3. The US is my home. I live here for 23 years, and I love it. I love Chicago to death, and I LOVE giving people tours when they come to visit. You got the hint, right :)?

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      4. Maybe :). As for Chicago, I always tell people that if they didn’t like it, they were not there with me:))). I will comment more after work :)))

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      5. Again, trying to keep my answers short. I will try to post more about my travels within the country and maybe will bring over some of my posts from my previous blog. I loved people here from the very first day I came. It was difficult to adjust to the new way of doing things, but at the same time, I felt at home right away.

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  1. Hello.

    My hat. Your Esplanade photos are beautiful. I can say this, because I am barefoot Finn born in Helsinki. I know my country from the north to the south and from the east to the west. I do not know how many days you are going to stay, but I hope that you will visit also outside it, like in Porvoo and its old town. Helsinki is Helsinki and the countryside outside differs from it like night and day! Countryside offers culture, habits, blue lakes and much,more. I have recently presented “unknown” Helsinki and lesser-known Helsinki. They show Helsinki where tourist do not visit, because they do not have any ideas about them. Sigh!

    My favorite part of Finland is Lapland in the north. It offers in winter reindeer rides, participating in a reindeer race, which is free for everybody, walking on frozen lakes and world’s biggest snow castle. I have links to those, if you are interested in them.

    Happy and safe travels!

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    1. Hi, thank you for this comment. I was in Helsinki for a short trip of 2 days. So could not go out of the town. Surely, next time! our friends live in Turku , we would love to go there as well.
      About the lapland, yes I lived in Swedish lapland for an year and I loved it. I wanted to go to Rovaniemi, but did not happen. We did have lots of snow and ice hotel in Jukkasjervi.

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