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If you are interested in Marine or sea ,Oceanography or History, or you are simply into Ships,  you must not miss this museum. Situated at the end of Las Ramblas , it has collection of medieval European vessels, models of vessels, navigational instruments,  underwater photography instruments, paintings, things from the old pirate ships  and many more. The closest tube station is Drassanes(L3), but if you are staying near La Rambla, you can just walk.

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The entry fee is 6 euro and it includes tour within a vessel. Museum is open from 10 am to 8pm and you may need quite some time to see the whole of it.

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Below : The 60-meter-long  and 6.2 meters wide royal galley(Galera Real) was built in the Dockyard in 1568.  It was involved in the Battle of Lepanto on 7 October 1571, where Turkish Armada was defeated leading to end of Turkish control of the Mediterranean. On the galley rowed 236 people in 59 rowing boat. Its defining characteristics were its manoeuvrability and the high speeds coming from its streamlined  shape.


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The museum houses every instrument, attires and food items of the sailors. The underwater photography instruments and its history are kept chronologically here, but those are so vast, I have to write another post on them 🙂


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