The old clock of Hogg Market, Kolkata.


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8 thoughts on “The old clock of Hogg Market, Kolkata.

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  1. Hey , am visiting Kolkatta for the first time this May and am going to try and see this clock tower for sure. Reminds me of the clock towers in Mumbai . These are timeless !

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      1. Thank you ! Am planning a day trip to Kalna from Kolkata , any tips on that one will be great !!!!


    1. 5 things to do, 1. Shop at hog market , most reasonable market for dress material 2. If you are into sarees, visit gariahat market , 3, eat sweets and sweet curd in small shops, the price is reasonable with best quality 4. Do visit indian museum, Victoria memorial and netaji’s home in elgin road 5. Eat out at park street , let me know yr food preferences, I would let you know more.

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      1. Ok am adding these to my list right now. Thanks a ton , this is super helpful already . The sweets , well ….I have a long list of what I want to eat ! Thanks again. I used to follow you through my old blog , am glad I finally found you again today !

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