Versailles: The Town

As I have already mentioned, we took SNCF train from Gare Saint Lazare to Versailles rive droit as it is one of the easiest way to reach Versailles and you can reach there in half an hour. I was lucky to have a perfect sunny weather this time in France . We saw our" own... Continue Reading →

Paintings of Palais Versailles

Versailles houses lots of incredible art works, any museum can be jealous of.  Versailles became the home of the French nobility and the location of the royal court, and the kings used every opportunity to spend money in art works , architectures , frescoes and oil paintings.There is  nothing much to say about it, I am sharing few art... Continue Reading →

Hall of Mirror, Palais Versailles

   The Hall of Mirrors  is the central gallery of the Palace of Versailles and perhaps the most  famous & most visited room of the palace.As the most remarkable feature of King Louis XIV of France's third building campaign of the Palace of Versailles, construction of the Hall of Mirrors began in 1678. To provide for the Hall of Mirrors as well... Continue Reading →

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