Season’s greetings ..

Season's greetings ... This year has not been easy for many of us.. I am no exception! People lost their jobs, faced emotional stress, pandemic, political unrest and loss of normal lifestyle. Mask is new normal in many places, no social gathering , we missed friends and families. Many regard this year as the worst... Continue Reading →

Rooftop garden at my parent’s place..

When I was little, our roof-garden used to turn in to my dreamland, with a magic wand in my hand which looked like a bamboo stick 😛 All the trees used to be my students or some other imaginary creatures and I would tell stories to them by myself waving my magic wand! A fruit... Continue Reading →

Lemon honey chicken.

Ingredients: 500 gm Chicken-boneless flat pieces, Small red onions -10,Carrot one large, Capsicum-1,Tomato -1,Yellow bell peeper- 1,Garlic- in small pieces. To marinate: ginger powder 3 large teaspoon mustard paste 1 large teaspoon honey – 1/4th cup lemon juice –from 2 lemons lemon peels ginger garlic paste 1 teaspoon onion paste -2 table spoon Salt- according... Continue Reading →

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