Monaco, Some more!!

Monaco is one beautiful little country  you should not miss if you are visiting Italian or French riviera. And I have already told in my previous post, it is extremely easy to travel to Monaco if you are staying at NICE. Just take 100 no bus from Port de Nice , takes only 40 minutes... Continue Reading →

One fine morning in Cannes …

Every traveller around the world knows the name of the city of Cannes, mostly due to the famous international film festival being held here. Indeed, ladies driving Maseratis for shopping trips, Porsches blowing their horn here and there, and  Lamborghini and Ferrari running past the streets like common taxis - is not uncommon view in this cute... Continue Reading →

Nice Vieille Ville — Old town of Nice.

I love old towns. Be it Gamla stan in Stockholm, or Montmartre in Paris...Purani Delhi in India or  Barcelona's gothic district in Spain - all have fascinated me from time to time. Vieux Nice is no exception. I love the old towns for two reasons. First of all , they have a cozy feeling. Old bars,... Continue Reading →

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