Dragon’s loyalty, Liebster, Sunshine Blogger, Versatile blogger, The lovely blog & Epic awesomeness Awards

I am extremely thankful to my co-bloggers, who consider me eligible for so many awards. I am sorry guys, I am responding so late, but I hope I can make it upto you. I love you guys and I love your blogs . Thank you for being an important part of my life , yes you are... Continue Reading →

Beautiful blogger award :)

Thank you  so much Risty   http://garasi82.com   for thinking that my blog is beautiful. And sorry friends for my one week's absence . The main reason of my absence has been the change of settings in wordpress. It taking ages to load posts. I know many of us are upset about it , I have post... Continue Reading →

The versatile blogger award..

Thank you pcb  https://poetryandchocolateandbooks.wordpress.com  and https://adlysalwa.wordpress.com and Aquileana and Peter    for nominating me for "The Versatile Blogger  Award ".  It is very thoughtful of you to nominate me for this. Now I know there is clearly two school of thoughts regarding the awards in WordPress  and many of my co-bloggers believe in award-free blog. And it is true... Continue Reading →


So I was very unexpectedly nominated for a Liebster Award by  https://thestudentscribes.wordpress.com . Later Monphoto, Mary and Nilla have also nominated me for the Liebster award. I thank you all very much as you thought I am eligible for this. 😀 Sorry for late response.. Rules: Thank and link the person who nominated you Answer the questions given by the nominator... Continue Reading →

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