Review : The Spör1, Narvik

 Last July while I was staying in Kiruna, we thought a visit to Narvik, the port city of Northern Norway. We booked a hostel over phone and caught  SJ train in the morning. In between we had a short trekking in Abisko. Then we took the 4 o'clock train from Abisko to reach Narvik by... Continue Reading →

K for Kiruna 3- Kiruna Kyrka-The Kiruna church.

Kiruna church is the recently voted most popular building of Sweden of all the time. It is one the oldest wooden church of Sweden along with Jukassjarvi Kyrka and Tuolluvaara kyrka , as well as one of the ancient wooden building of world. Built in the shape of a Sami lavvu , the church was designed... Continue Reading →

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