Beautiful blogger award :)

Thank you  so much Risty   for thinking that my blog is beautiful. And sorry friends for my one week's absence . The main reason of my absence has been the change of settings in wordpress. It taking ages to load posts. I know many of us are upset about it , I have post... Continue Reading →

I hate the new ” reader” format..

The website is even more slow and most of the time gallery is not loading.. I have to click two to three pages before I reach the actual content. I am missing posts and photos .I don't know who is the web developer , but not a good job buddy  😦 ©, 2015-21. Unauthorized... Continue Reading →

The creative blogger award ..

I have been awarded this award by  Emotional Luggage:  and Donna: Thank you for nominating me ❤ I know many of my blogger friends hate this award culture, but for some of us, it makes us happy. And we all are blogging to make ourself happy in this rude , selfish world. However fucked... Continue Reading →

The versatile blogger award..

Thank you pcb  and and Aquileana and Peter    for nominating me for "The Versatile Blogger  Award ".  It is very thoughtful of you to nominate me for this. Now I know there is clearly two school of thoughts regarding the awards in WordPress  and many of my co-bloggers believe in award-free blog. And it is true... Continue Reading →

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