Review : Lemon Tree Hotel, Aurangabad , India.

In 2013 Deember , I had a conference in Aurangabad. The trip was arranged by my office but I chose the place to stay , the lemon tree hotel. It is one thing I cannot compromise , so I insisted them to book this hotel for me. Lemon tree groups are chain of hotels  based... Continue Reading →

Victoria Memorial Hall , Kolkata

Victoria Memorial hall is a monument and museum built in the British occupied India .And though by all means I hate Lord Curzon being responsible for the fatal partitioning of Bengal, he proposed the construction of this grand building. The building was designed by architect William Emerson, the president of Royal Institute of British Architects, who also happened to... Continue Reading →

“Dilwale” Delhi.. The Broad -hearted Delhi.

Delhi has been a witness to the changing history of India.Being an old thriving city through centuries, it's mention dates back to the time of Pandava's  , in Magabharata, the great epic of India. The then Delhi was known as Indraprastha. Delhi  became the capital of Mamluk  dynasty, the first dynasty of Muslim sultans to rule... Continue Reading →

Mysore ..The city of Palaces

Mysore or Mahishur is known as the "city of palace" . In fact Mysore palace is one of the most visited monuments in India even beating Qutub Minar in Delhi in 2006. The word Mysore is derived from the word "mahishur" or "Mahishasurana Ooru", which means the town of Mahishasura in Kannada,the local language, by... Continue Reading →

Ellora cave : 5th Century Revisited.

Far from the madding crowd, in the village of Velur , stand the Elapura  or Ellora caves ,locally known as ‘Verul Leni’ Outstanding sculptures of the 34 caves of Elapura representing  one of the largest rock-hewn monastic-temple complexes in the entire world will render you speechless.It also represents the  largest single monolithic excavation in the world, the... Continue Reading →

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