Brugge, Belgium

We did a day trip from Bonn to Brugge, me and Ellie. This is no small journey specially for her. We started at 7.30 from Bonn and took RE5 to Köln. And from Köln we took RE9 till Aachen.From there we had and ICE3 , international intercity express from Deutsche Bahn which was very good to reach till Brussels midi or süd. From the train I could see Atomium again. Unfortunately we had to take an IC from there till Burgge which started from platform 16 and that very elevator did not work. I could not climb the stairs with Ellies kinderwagen, at last one very kind gentleman helped me to get to the platform and the train. It was an hourish journey till Burgge and while going we passed Ghent, another destination for me in a future weekend 😉. When we reached, a boy helped me to take down the buggy. Without these random acts of kindness, where will we go, what kind of world we will live ? From the station it is possible to take buses till centrum, but Brugge is a very walkable town and we decided to walk along the crowd so that we can see the town better. We saw specific flemish architecture, several churches, the famous town square and the canals. There are ,lots of shop from homemade chocolates, we bought some from one of them. Even when wish is to buy more, pocket intervenes. We ate Belgian waffle with chocolate and cream and chicken panini. Later I saw in town square has more local food , but we were already full. Ellie drank milk, ate waffle with me. I also changed her nappy and whole clothes once and she slept very comfortably in the new Joie buggy whenever she wanted. So she was happy whole time. Around 5 pm , we took bus 12 to station as I was tired pushing the buggy whole day. Our train was till Welkenraedt and it was late. People were anxious if the next connection till Aachen will wait for us, but that train was late to due to technical glitch and we could catch it,. From Aachen again we took RE9 till Köln and then RE5 till Bonn. We reached bonn at 23.05 but all trains were quiet full, so nothing to fear. Even bus from staiton to our home was fuller than usual. Ellie went to bed straight ahead and I ,after eating a nice warm meal. This is our Burgge-story 😊, thanks for reading .

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