Vilnius Cathedral square, Lithuania

Cathedral and its bell tower

The Cathedral Square or  Katedros aikštė is the city symbol of attraction in Vilnius.It is situated in the old town and holds the neoclassical Vilnius Cathedral. .Many fairs ,gatherings of townspeople, military parade, religious and official public events, attractions and large concerts happens here every year. In fact it is the most lively and important location in the city .

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  1. Lovely photos.. reminding me of our family reunion in Vilnius 2 summers ago. That plaza and other pedestrian malls were bursting with crowds of locals and tourists, bicycles, skateboarders, music and energy. Even though the food wasn’t to my liking (exception: the borscht), the city has plenty of charm and architectural beauty. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I liked the city but did not try local food. We found a nice little Indian restaurant, loved their food. I visited the local market which offers plenty of regional meat, sausage, cakes and vegetables. People are very nice 😊

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  2. Interesting. I believe very recently that Svetlana Georgiyevna Tikhanovskaya, candidate for Belarus President, fled there for her and her family’s safety after her supposedly losing to the incumbent.

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      1. …and so mysterious from someone brought up in the the cold war era. Many of my fellow school children had parents flee persecution WWII in Lithuania, Poland and other countries.

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      2. It is so sad that both side have been equally cruel in treating the common people of these countries.. Still that sadness echos through the streets.. The old people are so so nice, maybe they saw the brutal face of so called humans, and they become so much extra kind to people..

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