Top 10 free outdoor things to do in Tallinn, Estonia…

1. Walk through the cobblestoned streets of Old town:


” Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road
I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more
I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road”

Though I did not have a horse… I certainly walked the old Tallinn till I could not no more. If you do nothing except stroll thorough beautiful old town, you have seen enough Tallinn. It is so beautiful,.. the Tallinn tourism thrives on it. Food, culture, artisans and chocolatiers , churches, view points, castles and what not?



2. Visit Freedom square and St.Nicholus Church


This square is of historical significant and the church building’s acoustics  makes it a prime concert venue, with organ or choir performances held here most weekends. The museum inside the church has an entry fee.

3. Have some fresh orange juice near Maiden’s Tower (Neitsitorn)


In Maiden’s Tower (Neitsitorn),Today, you can sip coffee in its swank café, walk along the town wall for some amazing views or explore the displays on Tallinn’s café culture, sweet makers and the fascinating story of the tower itself for a fee. However the torg is free and has amazing view of St Nicholus church.  Enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice from several stalls.


4. Admire the most opulent Orthodox church in Tallinn


Most prominent architecture of old town, the cathedral was  a symbol of the russian empire’s dominance . The cathedral was dedicated to the Prince of Novgorod, Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky, who led the famous Battle of the Ice at Lake Peipsi in 1242. It stands  right in front of Toompea Castle and Parliament of Estonia.  Designed by St. Petersburg architect Mikhail Preobrazhenski, the church is richly decorated in a mixed historicist style. The church’s towers’ hold Tallinn’s most powerful church bell ensemble, consisting of 11 bells, weighing 15 tonnes.

5. Soak in the historical atmosphere  in  five-storey, Köismäe stone tower..


Originally built in 1360, this five-storey, stone tower along with other towers was once an integral part of Tallinn’s Town Wall defence system. Now these towers captured in travellers’ lenses hallmarks Tallinn old town.


6. Have a delicious meal in Raekoja plats, the town hall square 


The town hall tower and the square is the heart of old town. Decorated with countless restaurants, chocolate shops and cafes, it has to offer you Estonian, Nordic, Italian, Indian and Pan asian menus.

7. Explore the flower market at ivy covered Viru gate


This pair of picturesque towers at the entrance to Viru Street is often the first glimpse visitors get of Old Town, if you enter from the viru hotel side. Anyone passing between them are like stepping to a time machine and   landed smack in the middle of the 18th. The towers are actually only the foregates of what was a much more complex gate system built in the 14th century. Now it hosts a beautiful flower market nearby.


8. Watch Tallin’s favourite bird .. #tallinseagul


Tallin has so many of them…Those seagulls must be some of the most pictured birds in Instagram with #Tallinnseagull ! With any luck, you will also find a seagull called Steven walking on the edge of the platform posing for photos like a true supermodel in the view point called Kohtuotsa.  There are several  view points out there to see the panorama of old town in one hand and the sea& harbour on the other..

9. Visit Master’s courtyard ..


This courtyard in old town is home to the master craftsmen. Shop for handicrafts and jewellery, and sample heavenly confections created in the popular Chocolaterie Café. Comfortable accommodation is available in the courtyard’s guest apartments Villa Hortensia. I bought this awesome buttons of dark chocolates… melting in mouth..delish 🙂


10. Explore Tallin’s harbour

“Nestled along a street near Tallinn Harbour is this fairytale, wooden church built on the initiative of Russian sailors.  Since the coastline was considerably closer to the city in those days, the church was built practically on the edge of the water, and its foundation required some landfill. According to legend, rubble from shipwrecks was used for this purpose.”


The harbour is pretty with dark blue green water of baltic and all cruises to Helsinki or Stockholm leaves from here.


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