Review: Hotel Radisson Blu Sky, Tallinn

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We had a great stay in Tallinn in Radisson Blu sky hotel, and though I do not write hotel reviews so often, I wanted to highlight this one. Located  in  Ravala Street 3, Tallinn,10143,Estonia, it is one of the high-rise in the beautiful city of Tallinn we could see far from the deck of our cruise. The reception staff was customer friendly. They checked us in  a room in 16th floor because I chose this hotel for the view of old town. I liked the space, the silence and the arrangement of the room.

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The view from the room has been amazing. Both my camera and cellphone shots captured few glimpse of the old town in one side and the rising business quarter on the other. You can even see the sea right there from the room, lying in your bed! If you simply want to have a soothing shower and relax in the room, still you can enjoy. Points are great location, good food, rooftop bar and 360 panoramic view of the town. I also appreciate the staffs’ non-discriminating behaviour to my brown skin which I am extremely proud of!

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They also have a good breakfast spread with more options than other Radissons I stayed. We appreciated the spread of smoked chicken and fish as we don’t prefer beef. The old town is at short walking distance and all the top attractions of the town are in or around old town.  The harbour is also walkable if you are travelling through the cruise. Some ships also have a drop down bus to Viru hotel which is just few blocks away from Radisson blu sky hotel. I am sure I would like to be their guest again if I travel back to Tallinn again.

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