Leaving Kiruna …

After January, I planned to return to India for a while from Kiruna. It was not going to be easy leaving Kiruna. I lived there in summer and winter.. this time we had a small room in a shared apartment though our rent was pretty high.  Whole day, as my husband left for his day, I would log in to my office PC and work. I would have lots of calls with the team in different times of a day just to make sure we are on the same page. Then I would work till late to keep everyone happy so that they do not think I am lacking for working from remote. Whenever I would look through the single window of our room, I saw the Luossavaara mountain pink, white, yellow and blue in the changing light of the short days of Winter. The days when it snowed heavily it was dark for long. I would get up at 5.30 am local time to match the office time on site. I would put up my glasses to see people skiing in the mountain and make breakfast. Soon I would join calls and go to the aurora watching room to avoid disturbing our flat mates by the sound of my meeting! That room does not have heating so usually very cold.


The days are monotonous in Kiruna, specially in winter when u cannot go out much. Most prominent outside activity for me would be going to Coop for my weekly shopping. As things are expensive, I try to buy frozen foods and discounted polar bread, eggs or chicken. Not exactly best sources of vitamins though !  So we eat supplements. We see some news in the evening together and cook some Indian food. There is no food ordering service here, unlike India, no helping hands either. Everything to be done by yourself. Our room has not a proper bed, it is a bunk bed and I find it difficult.  Some nights I invite friends or flat mates, some night they do.  Our flatmates are Italian, Canadian, Polish and Pakistani each, they have become great admirer of Indian food now. I met Sandra here, Sandra is from Asturias, Spain and she is doing her doctoral research on Snowflakes 🙂 is not that wonderful ? She is a great girl and  we quickly become friends. In some nights we see Northern lights. On 4th Jan 2019, I saw a 2 hours show in the sky, strong, beautiful, dancing and colourful  ..



We went to Jukkasjervi and to the ICE hotel a day. We went to Sami camp as well. They told their business is no so great this year. It was horribly cold out there over the frozen Torn river, I could not stand more than 10 minutes and camel back to the reception of ice hotel for warmth. It is very expensive to experience the stay there, but lots of rich people come for their winter holidays. In Christmas, we went for a week trip to Copenhagen, Oslo, Malmo and Goteberg. I have already shared few posts on them, if you would like to know our experience.




I was leaving Kiruna alone, while my husband will still be there for one more month. I took a morning flight to Stockholm by SAS. The day was heavy snowfall day and I reached airport by an airport bus. As heavy snow storm started, I was worried if my flight would be cancelled .. but it did not but reached an hour late around 12 noon to Arlanda. I had a long day ahead with my air france flight from Stockholm to Paris at 6 pm. That’s another story began ..stay tuned for next post  🙂

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  1. I had the opportunity to visit Kiruna a couple years ago for work. Very surreal and still the furthest north on planet earth I have ever been. Brought back some memories of the sense of isolation but great memories. Cheers!

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