Göteborg, Sweden..


Our 2018 Christmas trip was to visit Copenhagen and then I was not able to make my mind whether to take a Cruise to Tallinn from Stockholm or to go to Oslo! In this confusion, I took a bus to Göteborg to take a day to think. We took a Flixbus from Copenhagen train station. It took us back to Sweden through the same route  i.e Malmo, and then to Gotengorg. We booked a hotel in hurry near the port for the night.



The comfort hotel, göteborg offered a very basic room compared to the price to us and though they have a nice lobby, I would not really recommend staying here. The breakfast spread seemed to contain old food, which is reason enough not to stay next time. That night we were dog-tired and just succumbed to the bed …but after next day’s breakfast I started searching for another hotel to stay a day and we found a nice deal in Scandic No25 and shifted there.


IMG_5402 IMG_8473IMG_5406

Delawaremonumentet in Göteborg.





In general we did not focus to go any particular museum or site. We just roamed around the town to get the vibe of the city. Gothenburg is  about halfway between the capitals Copenhagen, Denmark, and Oslo, Norway and also pretty close to Stockholm( all are 3-4 hours by bus), so it is good to have a stop over here if you are in a nordic trip. The location at the mouth of the Göta älv, which feeds into Kattegatt, an arm of the North Sea, has helped the city grow in significance as a trading city. The archipelago of Gothenburg consists of rough, barren rocks and cliffs, the coast is windy and very cold.





The Göteborgs stadsmuseum is the city museum. We saw the building architecture. Many buildings in the old part of the city were built along canals. Gustav Adolfs torg, square named after Gustavus Adolphus, the founding father of Gothenburg has his statue and nice christmas lights were shown.









The city has nice shopping streets, I believe it is a better place for shopping than Stockholm. All big Swedish and non -Swedish fashion brands have their outlets and people were pouring down the streets due to Christmas sale in their favourite brands. The city has a Tesla  store as well and we went to see some of their latest launch. We walked around the lake, tram track  and parks.






View of Göteborg station from Scandic 25

We were pretty hungry and found a Nice Indian restaurant called Tandoori Kitchen. Once ordered, we came to know the guy was from our state and he was pretty happy to be able to talk in his native language. We had nice biriyani, chicken main course and Naan. It was already getting dark and we took a stroll through city lights and took some snaps ..






Central station Göteborg




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  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. I would definitely recommend Tallinn, which we visited last February. It’s an under-appreciated city and we were absolutely amazed by the rich culture and the beauty of the city, especially the old town

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  2. Sorry to read you had a bad hotel experience for your first night … that’s always annoying and a bad start to the day. I’m glad everything improved and you had a great rest of the day. It is lovely to just wander around a city and see where it takes you. Although I’ve been to Goteborg many times I still learnt new things from your post … it is a fun lively city with lots of outdoor life – but obviously so much more so in summer. Then the rocky coast offers beautiful places for sunbathing and securing a boat!

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