Copenhagen .. Quick tips for a short trip


Central station: Copenhagen
  1. There are  good hotels and hostels near Central train station. If you are backpacking and travelling by bus like Flix bus, those bus also stop close to the Central station. This area also has many cheap food joints. Two major tourist attraction Tivoli and Tycho Brahe planetarium are very close the central station. We stayed in Grand hotel, Vesterbrogade 9, 1620 København. It is a 3 star hotel with clean room,  free wifi and attached shower and toilet. Breakfast available for ~10€.





2. There are few free things to do in Copenhagen 🙂

1.Walk to Nyhavn and enjoy the colourful houses of old Copenhagen; 2. Go along the sea and visit the Little mermaid, the iconic statue of Copenhagen 3. Climb Christianborg palace tower and experience city panorama 4. Visit the botanical garden  5. On Tuesdays, entrance is free at Glyptoteket, ancient art museum.







3. Copenhagen is an expensive city, so restaurants are pretty expensive too. For cheaper option, Burger king / MacD are good for grabbing a small meal. We prefer Asian/ Indian food, there are many such small restaurants which offer sufficient meals in a decent price for sitting and take away. We tried local food in Nyhavn which is extremely pricy but you will leave with half empty stomach.


Børsen, also known as Børsbygningen, is a 17th-century stock exchange
Thorvaldsen Museum


4. According to our opinion Copenhagen card is not that useful a day. Best way of ‘getting there’ is by walking or renting a bike. They say ‘in Copenhagen we bike whether there is sun, rain or snow.’   It will save your time as well, while walking would allow you to savour the architecture, colours, old buildings, monuments and street arts ..

img_5257 img_5242

St peter’s church
Botanical garden

img_5283  img_5306

5. In the museum district of Copenhagen you can visit 6 museums in one ticket worth 195 DKK including National gallery of Denmark SMK  and Natural history museum. This ticket has one year validity and additional 10%  discount in the museum shop on the day of your visit. For details visit

Natural history museum


Niels Bohr Institute


Royal Danish Opera


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