Strasbourg Cathedral & Old town, France

DSC07799Strasbourg is a beautiful  city in the bank of Rhine river close to the French German border. As my husband had a lecture in Europlanet week in International space university in Strasbourg, we landed up there for a week. Though I took a break and went to Stuttgart in between, but that is another story.  In many of the small touristic place in Strasbourg, I loved the Notre dame and old town part. And that had to be the first post on Strasbourg. DSC07831






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Strasbourg cathedral has  still some Romanesque part,  but it is widely considered to be among the finest examples of high, or late, Gothic architecture, major contributor being  Erwin von Steinbach. The famous west front, decorated with thousands of figures, is a masterpiece of the Gothic era. The tower is one of the first to rely substantially on craftsmanship, with the final appearance being one with a high degree of linearity captured in stone. While previous façades were certainly drawn prior to construction, Strasbourg has one of the earliest façades whose construction is inconceivable without prior drawing.







DSC07829 DSC08041

Around the cathedral, the square is called Place de la cathédrale. At no. 16 is one of the most famous houses in Strasbourg, the Kammerzell House, (left up) built in 1571 in the Renaissance style. The ground floor is made of stone and the upper floors carved with wooden windows. The sculptures of the beams represent sacred and secular scenes. On the gable, we can still see the pulley that was used to raise the reserves in the attic.

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The place is beautiful with medieval architecture, hotels, souvenir shops , cafes, bistros, ice-cream parlours and restaurants. The Cathedral Square is also  known for being particularly windy. Some legends say that during the construction of the Cathedral, on a dark night, the Devil riding the wind was intrigued by this building. He stopped to visit and asked his horse, the wind, to wait for him.The Devil, dazzled by his visit, let himself be surprised by the morning Mass and found himself locked in a pillar. The wind continues to turn around the Cathedral while waiting for i



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  1. I last went to Strasbourg when I was backpacking as a student many years ago and remember being very impressed by it. I loved the buildings and the mixture of French and Germanic influences with it being a border town and one that has changed hands between different countries over the centuries. Lovely set of photos! 🙂

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