A merry Christmas and Happy Holidays …




DSC02052 DSC02063



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21 thoughts on “A merry Christmas and Happy Holidays …

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  1. Beautiful photos and a kindred spirit! I too want to travel to see as much of the world as I can. Although, I’m a Texas gal, so anything too cold for too long will not work out. 🙂 I am also a photographer and appreciate the beauty in your photos. Looking forward to seeing more.

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      1. The weather here is nuts. I have literally seen sunshine in my neighbors yard while it’s pouring rain in mine. One day you wear shorts and the next day you’re looking for the warmest clothes you can find!

        What’s India like?

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      2. In the city I live is pretty pleasant , year around 23-26 centigrade . But some places are very hot and some are cold . We have pretty hot summer in the capital and few other cities


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