Bali Chronicle 3 : the hotel



Bali has lots of good options of hotels.  Numerous luxurious hotels, villas and individual houses are rented every day by the travellers. But before going there, my husband showed me some documentaries which shows not all places are safe. In fact lately there has been lots of hue and cry about the death or assault of few  young Australian travellers. That made it tough to choose one safe place. We excluded the isolated villas immediately  though they look so tempting. But safety comes first.



Ultimately, we choose the Bali Hotel and Spa in Denpasar, which is 20 minutes away from the international airport. The hotel is kind of midway between Kuta and Ubud. Nice clean room with a small balcony facing the swimming pool was what we got. Nothing extra luxurious, but clean and with minimum amenities like intercom, shower, dryer, towels and free wifi.















The room was B&B and the breakfast is best part. They have both the option of  traditional Indonesian dishes along with English breakfast with toast, eggs , baked beans , sausages etc. There is plenty of juice and coffee too. Alcoholic beverages are not available in the breakfast and it is a nonsmoking hotel.





Another good thing about the hotel is the swimming pool opened till 22.00 pm.  There is a pool side bar open till  20.00pm. They do have a only-drop facility to Kuta beach, but limited seats and you have book beforehand.




Now, before choosing this hotel , the negative points> Try to choose a hotel near Kuta, you will save money for every day transport to the beach. Do not take taxis from the hotel, way to expensive. Download a blue-bird taxi app and travel in one third price. Do not avail the spa here, cheap spas are everywhere near the beaches, and here spa service is nothing great in this hotel. There is only one street food shop (Ayam Gepuk) opposite to this hotel which is very good. But in Kuta you have so many food joints. For shopping also, nothing is here, you need to go to Kuta.  Then the stuff does not understand basic English, we asked for first aid kit, because I fell down and got some bruises. They asked if we need ‘the shaving kit”(Yes it is true). All over Bali, you must be careful, it is difficult to get medicines, even a basic antibiotic ointment for a cut. But if you want a cheap option for comfortable stay with no high expectation, this hotel is not bad.




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  1. Wow, I dream about Bali. Seems like a good place to visit, to relax and also take a lot of beautiful pictures 🙂 I love when they have fresh fruits at the hotel especially in such an exotic place like Bali 🙂
    Any plans of coming back ? 🙂


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