Bali Chronicle 2: Nusa dua and Geger beach





Bali has both elite beaches and beaches for commoners. After roaming around the public beaches of Kuta and Legian, one day we took a taxi off to the private beach of Nusa dua and Geger. From Kuta by taxi it is half an hour and a Grab/ blue bird taxi take around 55000 IDR one way.  Don’t book a cab for whole day which will take 400000 to 500000 IDR, while you can take taxi , relax for the day and come back by another with just 110000 IDR. Nosa dua is a sunrise beach, you can go early and spend a  relaxing day lying in the beach soaking the sun.





Two sun-bed and one umbrella is around 7EUR for the day. You better carry your own towels, changing of clothes, sunscreen lotion, sun glass and hat. Beach is clean with golden sand and turquoise ocean. The nearby  restaurant serve coconut water / juice / mocktails/ beer and balinese dishes. Local ladies may offer a massage and it is upon you if you want one. If you do not have your own vehicle, better to get back by 4.30-5 pm.  By the way the beach has an entry fee of 3000IDR per person. We enjoyed the blue ocean, golden sand and gentle breeze all day long before heading back to Denpasar.




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