Geneva Old Town & St Pierre cathedral…



I love old towns, and usually do not miss one while visiting a city. Geneva’s Old Town, was no exception. It is an ancient maze of small streets and picturesque squares, filled with homey cafés, restaurants and historical sights but  you can get lost easily. I climbed to the place though the narrow allies from the Geneva opera side, and took the stairs to geneva shopping street, but you can do the opposite too…




It  is one of the largest in Europe and catalogues the town’s 2,000 years of history in its many unusual art galleries, antique shops, museums, fountains and other sights. True charm can only be savoured if you walk around.


dsc05228 dsc05237


In the very center of Geneva’s Old Town is Bourg-de-Four Square, a must-visit square, the oldest place in Geneva, where the Roman marketplace used to trade its wares. Now a touristy locale full of exclusive shopping opportunities and the great place to have a cuppa.




dsc05279 dsc05278




Founded in the 4th century, St Pierre cathedral is an extremely important historical site, both architecturally and ecclesiastically. It is one of few cathedrals to feature the unusual neo-classical design, with iconic pillars that make it stand out from other European churches. It is also the site of numerous archaeological excavations, revealing some artifacts that are as old as the Roman empire. With regards to its importance within the history of Christianity, John Calvin, one of the principal figures in the foundation of Protestantism, spent much time preaching between its walls. Inside, travelers can still find a wooden chair that the man himself used.







dsc05260 dsc05255

You can go up to the tower for a panoramic view, but I would not really recommend it. It is very lonely in non tourist season and some red-green weird signal are there in the top which I did not like at all. It was scary and I thought I have wasted my 5frank,

dsc05281 dsc05283


dsc05284 dsc05286








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  1. Oh, what a stunning rose window in the cathedral! Even when grey and cloudy, these old European towns are endowed with such class and style. Funnily enough, some of your photos remind me of other cities; Florence, Zurich, Berlin, Strasbourg. I even see echos of my hometown, which still boasts one of the loveliest old quarters I’ve ever seen: Montreal 😉

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  2. Fantastic photos! I didn’t realize the age of this city. It reminds me of Munich, a city I lived in for several years, but obviously unique and possessing its own distinct personality.

    Liked by 1 person

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