Le lac Léman…the Geneva lake


The first thing I did in Geneva is to take a free boat tour in lake Geneva. But that is not the first time I saw her beauty. The lake is as beautiful in Lausanne as in Geneva, but you can experience a totally mesmerising view from SBB  trains while travelling in the French part of Switzerland. Anyway, if you are staying in a hostel or hotel in Geneva , you will get a free transport card which includes the boat rides, so walk to the shore & get on a boat 🙂





However, if you are in a closed boat, you cannot see the mountains properly. I went to the Geneva Plage  from Paquis by boat and from Geneva plage I took few snaps of the lake. Lac léman is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe and the largest on the course of the Rhône flowing through Switzerland, in cantons of Vaud, Geneva, and Valais and France,in Haute-Savoie.Mary  Shelley  holidayed by the lake and wrote ghost stories, one of which became the basis for the novel Frankenstein.





After spending some time by the lake I took bus 2 from geneva plage to go to random destinations, then took another bus and then another. I usually do that when I get a free transport pass. I take the bus map and randomly take one bus or tram to another. Many of the busses run half circling the lake, providing view of the lake at different time of the day.







I came back to geneva plage at around 7 pm and it was dark. I thought I would take a boat back to Paquis , so I went to the ferry place. I asked one passer by, he said it will come but even after 10 minutes there was no boat  coming and I was standing completely alone to the place. Few people passed by in bike but basically the place was dark with one light timidly illuminating only the ticket counter, no sound except the wind and no sign of any boat except those standing in the dock. Suddenly I got scared, because no one on earth knows that I am here in this particular place and if something happens to me, none will have a clue. I ran back to the bus stop which is little far and took a bus back to Gare cornivan and walked back to my hostel from there 😛





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  1. Great read, and your pictures are beautiful!

    I’m heading to Geneva in a few months to walk around Lac Leman. I’m looking g forward to it even more now!

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