Füssen, Bavaria..


Füssen is a small beautiful town in Bavaria, in the district of Ostallgäu, 5 kilometres  away from the Austrian border.  Füssen is famous for two things. The town is known for its violinmaking industry which I did not know when I visited. Second for being the closest transportation hub for the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, my fairytale weekend trip from munich, and that is when I first time heard about Füssen.




With a population of 15,265, Füssen is the highest town in Bavaria,2,651 ft above the sea level. We took a Bayern pass, which includes two people’s to and fro journey to Neuschwanstein castle including the bus fare for 28EUR. We reached Füssen around 3 o’clock and immediately started for the castle making our way through the lush green fields and blue alps.





While coming back from the castle , we had few hours time to roam around Füssen.  The town centre is studded with small and big hotels and small restaurants. We had some chinese cuisine 😛  It is said the oldest fresco in Germany can be found in the crypt of St Mang’s Basilica,but we did not see it.  We just walked here and there  savouring our moments in the small charming town..


img_3469 img_3470











If you are heading to Neuschwanstein castle, it is wise to stay one night  in Füssen. The hotels around the castle are more expensive. So here you can stay cheap and eat out. People go for romantic trips to Paris or Amsterdam, but if you truly loose yourselves into each other, you should go to a place like Füssen, in the midst of serenity of mountains, thousands miles away from the bustle of metros,savouring the ravishing beauty of Alps and walking in the lap of nature.  I am surely going back some day 🙂dsc01295





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  1. I agree Fuessen would be the perfect spot for a weekend getaway! We have been to this pretty little town twice – both from Munich. The first time we were recovering from the flu and it was easier to get on train and go on a day trip out of Munich as I didn’t feel up to walking around the city much. We ate lunch at a lovely cafe – piping hot soup was about all I could manage but it warmed me up as it was pouring down with rain and so cold outside. The second time we were en route to Neuschwanstein and it was a gloriously sunny spring day. I would have preferred a night in Fuessen rather than going straight back to Munich as it would have given more time to savour this magical place but it was still one of our most memorable days out ever! 🙂

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