Port d’ouchy, Switzerland..




Lausanne , indeed is a beautiful city and perhaps the most picturesque part is the port  with a magnificent view of Alps around lake geneva. In summer months, perhaps, it can be compared to the french riviera, for nice evening strolls,taking a cruise through lake geneva or simply jogging through the shore.  All the best hotels of Lausanne are clustered here ,  the Beau-Rivage Palace, the Château d’Ouchy, the Mövenpick hotel. I was lucky to have a delicious French dinner in La Pêcherie du Mövenpick enjoying their famous seafoods and another night in Le pirate ,  first time savouring panfried frog legs 😛








Lausanne is the smallest city in the world to have a full metro system replacing Rennes since 2008.  Ouchy is connected by M2 being the terminal station and served by  fully automated metro. In 2015, the metro station “Ouchy” was renamed “Ouchy-Olympique” to mark the 100th anniversary of the installation of the International Olympic Committee in Lausanne.








Once a fishing village, Ouchy was incorporated into the city of Lausanne in the mid-19th century to serve as a port on Lake Geneva. In my 3rd day of stay in Lausanne, I took the M2 to Ouchy. Luckily , sun was shining after 2 days rain and I walked down the beach towards the museum. But I was not able to go directly. The beauty of the lake and alps is so breathtaking, I spent 2 hours walking around. I met a lady from Peru, who has just come to see Ouchy for half an hour before catching a train from Geneva.





Soon, clouds started gathering from the opposite side of the lake masking a sun. I started for the olympique museum to see the museum and also to save myself from the shower .Already small drops started pouring, and I got little drenched as I reached the museum. But now, that is another story 😀

Later in the evening, I came back to the beach with my friend Michelle to have a quiet dinner at Le Pirate. She ordered a veg salad which was served with ham (!!)  😛 and I ordered for  chicken  gravy with rice.As a starter we shared, panfried frog legs(my first time, and not too bad ) .. perspective was of course a red wine from Bordeaux ..






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    1. Thank you JC, it is nice and most probably it was not a tourist season, so little less crowded. I really wanted to seat there for some time. But all I did is just walking around, because I was travelling solo, did not how safe it ll be ☺

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