Hello/ Hola/ Hej/ Hi / Bonjour ..

Since I have come back from Stockholm last January, this idea keeps coming back to me. I know, there are many factors like you really don’t know me, why would you even think about it , WordPress is just another social networking site etc, etc. But… somehow time to time I feel, I know many of you guys and you know me much  better the the people in our surrounding. On the other hand, I know, we live in a dangerous time. Just reading someones’ blog cannot guaranty your safety…

So in this contradictory situation, what do you think you will do if I am going to your place.. would you simply ignore , or would you give me some ideas about some cool places to hang around or you will meet me up for a coffee?

This is actually a post to be made by my readers … you tell me what is your thought and once I get some, I will rewrite the post incorporating your comments in it… basically you will be my guest post , but in an unique kind of way…  Please put your comments , thoughts and ideas and we will see how the actual post will go.. Welcome ..

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