Mourning for Munich :(


”At least nine people were killed and 16 others injured Friday in a shooting rampage at a busy shopping district in Munich, Germany, police said”   CNN , JULY 23, 2016

Munich , one of my most favourite city in Europe!! History , culture , museums , suburbs, shopping, gardens, science  and development – the perfect cocktail of all …     a city you would think you can make your home  someday!!  And then you get the news in one evening ‘ German Iranian gunman killed nine in a shopping mall’   …

I mean in what world we are living  in?  HOW CAN A HUMAN CAN KILL SO MANY OTHERS WITHOUT ANY PERSONAL ENMITY? They should not ,even when there is personal enmity, but there may be a psychological explanation!! But here,  it is not killing men and women, it is the murder of humanity .. Allegedly, that 18 year old killer  was “screaming out that he will kill “foreigners.” and took the name of “allah” . Can you believe it? 18 years old !!  And who is the foreigner here ?  CNN is reporting many children were among casualties as they were not able to run away.  I know sane people on earth must stand against this right now, unless tomorrow it may be our weekend visit to a shopping mall where  all hell breaks loose 😦

Till we find the way to stop it … I am praying for all the innocent victims of  terrorism world over …


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  1. Beautiful post, so sad that we are yet again making posts like this, and how many more we will have to make.
    We are citizens of the world and must just keep spreading love and tolerance.
    I read that this poor sick and misguided young man, shouted ‘ I am German’.
    Being half Iranian, I imagine that he may have been a victim of the new rise in racial abuse and violence across Europe which has emerged in the wake of the recent atrocities in Paris, Brussels, Nice and Germany,
    The more we see of this, the more I fear that it will encourage others down the same destructive path.
    I pray for the world, keep strong and thank you for posting.

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  2. It is emerging he was a ‘misfit’ youth who hacked a girls social media page to invite other teenagers to have a free meal at MacDonald’s then shot them – almost all victims between age 14 and 21 it is reported – such a tragic waste and my heart goes out to the families of all these young people just beginning their lives. So sad.

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    1. Yes, previously it was confined to eastern world, and many western countries have ignored the problem of terrorism saying it is an internal problem for some countries. But now, when they are facing the same, they might understand the gravity of the situation and all peaceful countries should join their hands together against such attacks.

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      1. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to recognise a terrorist. A person can appear to act normally but you don’t know if there is a psycho or extremist behind the mask. They strike in public places where large numbers tend to gather. I am not optimistic about the future. 😦 These people have no qualms about going on a killing spree of innocents. What is mankind turning into?

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  3. Well said! I too think that the three recent incidents all within a week: Nice, Bavarian train and this, are the acts against humanity and must be deal with urgency. For the world has degraded so fast and one day there won’t be humanity anymore. Very sad indeed.

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  4. When this people will understand that under the skin everybody is equal? I pray everyday for a world with more love and tolerance because it’s not fair we live with afraid cuz some people don’t agree with a different lifestyle.

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      1. I’d like to think these people are insane because it makes me feel better than to think we have this many evil people on the planet..people who sit around packing nails into homemade bombs, or renting trucks, or loading guns – excited about their mission to bring major carnage into the world. The only thing a common person can do anymore is to be aware of your surroundings. We have to become very sensitive to noise and what we think we see and take immediate action. Other than that…I just don’t know.

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  5. Unbelievably sad – we spent 8 days in Munich last year it’s such a beautiful place. Horrible to think about the evil that is around so many places at present – the news defies belief many days now. I hope all decent people can bond together and build a better world – there are so many beautiful souls in the world and hopefully by focusing on the good whilst being aware of the dark side the world will become a better place. Thoughts go out to those affected by these terrible events.

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