We were on our way back from Lucerne to our friend in Zurich. That was supposed to be our last night in Switzerland , so we thought before going to room, we would walk past few roads of the city. Most of the cities in Europe are so much fun to walk through.  And Zurich is no exception.



We had Zurich card , so unlimited rides were available. So we decided, we would walk for some time and then take a tram. But  it started raining. It was just after christmas, so mostly shops were closed, though the display was open with lights on. I kept clicking my camera, and the drenched roads of Zurich became standstill in my screen.






We had umbrella, but it seemed inadequate for two of us. So we ran to catch a tram, without much thinking of the route. It took us to the Lake Zurich, looking frozen black in the dark, and drops of colour was glowing here and there as they decorated the city amazingly for Christmas.





I will never forget that night.  The cathedral, ‘Conelli’ the circus, the famous green clock of Zurich and the swans,all captured in the camera …and more prominently captured in our heart.  The roads were almost empty, one or two cycles passed by. Stores were closed, and the cafes were open. People were taking their food and drinks in the dim lights and open air.It stopped pouring. Fresh cool and crisp air kissing my cheek. I felt like keep walking as if through a never ending path ..and I did for a long time, we were almost near the opera house. We took some warm hazelnut from a corner side stall and sat beside the Limmat river for sometime.


IMG_2282 IMG_1643 IMG_2253

I wonder why all good moments run so fast. It was already ten, so needed to go back. Reluctantly I stood up and got into a tram. But we stepped down two stations before  the destination 😛 and started walking, and realised we don’t know the area . After half an hour of aimless roaming, we got back to the tram station ultimately to catch the right tram… It was fun night 🙂

IMG_2298 DSC02581


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[Originally posted on October 14, 2014, reposted in 05 July, 2016]