Lure of the cliffs: Kebnekaise

“In all things of nature there is something of the Marvelous “- Aristotle (394 BC-322 BC)

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The dramatic mountain landscape along the coastline extends from Sweden to Norway. The lure of the cliffs attracts me forever. You can just hop ,skip and jump away through the wilderness road. You can explore them by car , by foot or may go for mountain biking. About 150 kilometers of mountain trails will just drive you crazy with breathtaking beauties.

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I just walked passed some of the trails . The air is clear , silenece is defening and water is refreshing and dinkable out with the Mug ! You just take the freshness in..

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The mountains offer everything from summer skiing to mountain hiking and biking and enjoying the scenery. The magical journey with canoeing and boating through the torne träsk awaits for you with mirror smooth water. Rent a boat for lengthy trip and find a nice beach to swim.

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We started our jounrney from Kiruna by SJ tarins and reached Abisko. From abisko, you will find different trails through kebne kaise. You can simply enjoy walking throught the grass edged path through the woods and take a coffe break. There are many ski resorts , cabins over the mountain peaks and camping areas to lay your back. You need to fill your backpack with warm clothes, coffee flasks, torch, rope , knife , dry foods! N money off course 😛




Once you set foot to the Scandinavian mountains , you fall in love. Like me! I know I have to go there again ..soon.

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      1. I ll definitely go for a conference, but I don’t know which state exactly. That ll depend on my boss. But I dream to see the grand canion, and road trip to all over Us for one month


      2. India!! So you really have traveled far and wide! Enjoying your view of the world. We were in India just once, Calcutta and stayed with friends in Salt Lake City a suburb nearby. The most fascinating place. Hope you make it to California– I’d recommend Yosemite National Park for grandeur and the Redwood forests above San Francisco along the coast for their beauty… Happy travels ahead!!

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      3. I would love to get back to India one day. My daughter was just there for two weeks. An Indian firm bought her company and she was there to conference with the new owners in Mumbai. She loved the time there and the food!!

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      4. The best thing is so much diversity between one state to another. I think only comparable country with so much natural diversity would be only US, but then not completely. We also differ in food, language, customs and dresses from one state to another. So much diversity sometimes give you a cultural shock, but if you be little patient with that, you will enjoy like never before 😄

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  1. I observe that your pictures from the Kebnekaise area has been published under Norway? However, you undoubtedly has been told that this is the highest peak in Sweden? And they probably won’t sell it to us?!
    That said, – we have much higher peaks ourselves, so why should we buy it? 🙂


      1. Kebnekaise is still a part of Sweden (like you say) and you’ll find nobody Norwegian that would say otherwise. Would you place the City of Gothenburg under Norway because you grabbed a plane from Gothenburg to Oslo?
        I think not, but it’s your blog! 🙂


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