Garching in a rainy day !

DSC09779Garching is a small town in the district of Munich, Bavaria. I probably would have never heard of it, if my husband did not accept a project in Max Planck. And I totally recommend this toy town. Home to sixteen thousand people, Garching has the charm of small European town. Its name in the map is marked by number of scientific research institutes . Many scientific experiments located in the city, including a linear accelerator and a research nuclear reactor. The nuclear research reactor, nicknamed Atomei (nuclear egg) appears in the city’s coat of arms. DSC09782


DSC09788 DSC09787

I don’t know why Garching reminds me of Manhattan Project. It is weird I know! But so many roads and places in the city are named after scientists, mathematicians and technical innovators, including “Carl-Von-Linde-Strasse”, “Einsteinstrasse”, “Eulerweg”, “Heisenbergstrasse”, “Max-Planck-Strasse”, “Röntgenstrasse”, “Schrödingerweg”. It is very much an university town. In the evening, many of  the young physicists will come out of the institutes and head for the U Bahn U6 , some who live nearby will simply bike and a very simple life flow  of a small town will follow.  Time and place , so different! But in pre WWII Germany, most probably scientists lived like that, many of whom later got connected with Manhattan project and the history of the world got changed.






The town has four districts, Garching, Dirnismaning, Hochbruck, Hochschul- und Forschungszentrum (University and Research Centre) – formerly known as Forschungsinstitute (Research Institutes). All have a good connection through  U bahn or by bus to S bahn .


DSC09793 DSC09784




I used to drop my husband at the institute and take the U6 to Munich. But one day I decided, I would see Garching.  So, I took a bus to Garching Hockbrück. Unfortunately, it started raining. But still I roamed around for around 2 hours, even did some shopping in Rewe and clicked some photos 😀 and I loved the rainy Garching




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  1. Great shots and great post! You know, our Monday K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is all about nighttime reflections… and I couldn’t help thinking a shot like this…say at um, night… well, could fit right in with- just a thought!?

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      1. No…I meant YOU doing a post for the challenge on Monday with nighttime reflections. The rain there would make it easy… sort of…

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  2. It’s a long, long time since I last visited Germany, but when I did I stayed in a small town for a while – Tubingen, which is south of Stuttgart. It was charming, with a bit of medieval old town, I seem to recall. It’s probably changed a lot now, though.

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  3. This looks like such a great place to visit. The country isn’t one I’ve ever had a desire to go but, blog posts like this make me add to my bucket list! Thanks for posting 🙂

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