A day in Monte Carlu ..

DSC_3253 DSC_3229 How could I miss Monte Carlu or Monte Carlo when it was in my bucket list. When I was going to Nice , I was determined to make up to Monaco. So after roaming around in the beaches of Nice, we took a bus to Monaco. And really I couldn’t believe it was so easy. You can take bus 100 from nice, which goes to Menton via Monaco and in February 2015 , it costs only 1.5 euro per person. Cheaper than train, the bus journey I would suggest for another reason, because you can see the view of the whole coast of Southern France if you seat in the right hand side while going towards Monaco.


Indeed, Casino Monte Carlo is the most visited tourist place in monte carlo. Where the rich come for gambling, many tourist also come just to see the architecture and the inner beauty of the casino. Inside you can go for free, but to enter in the gambling area, you must pay a fee of 10 euro. Here is some glimpse of the outside sculpture of the casino. DSC03636

DSC03646 DSC03614


DSC03638   DSC03655

DSC03619  DSC03649

After spending 2 hours here, we went to the rest of the city. We also saw the Hotel De Paris with grand sculptures and 106 rooms. It is in the tourist brochure that you can walk past the city in 45 minutes, so we tried that. We see the beach, shopping centre and the port. And lastly we saw part of the F1 -Musee De Automobile, but that is another story. And even in the road you can see some awesome cars , amazing!!

DSC03721  DSC03705



It was already going dark, so we took another 100 bus to Nice. I forgot to tell that the frequency of the bus is every 25  to 30 minutes.

[Originally posted in 5th March, 2015, reposted in 23rd May, 2016]

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